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Spiritual evolution and technology are two of our passions

Cynthia Morgan


Founded by board-certified hypnotherapist, Co-founder Cynthia Morgan has been teaching spiritual principles, leading guided meditations, and conducting spiritual workshops for over 35 years. She was in private practice in Los Angeles for 20 years where her techniques proved highly successful in transforming the lives of thousands, including many of Hollywood’s elite and Fortune 500 companies, establishing her as one of the most innovative practitioners in her field.

Cynthia’s spiritual journey began at age 7 when she started practicing Transcendental Meditation. She is the author of You’re Already Hypnotized: A Guide to Waking Up and an early adopter of podcast hosting of A Course in What?! based on almost four decades of studying and teaching A Course in Miracles

In 2017, Cynthia founded the first hypnotherapy-based retreat Desert Reset, named “#1 Empowering Wellness Retreat in the USA” on BookRetreats.com and “Top Pick” by SeekRetreat.com.

Cynthia’s extensive background has created a unique approach to the art of hypnotherapy and has redefined its practice not only as a means for emotional healing and behavior modification but also as a powerful system of spiritual enlightenment. 

Cynthia has been featured in international magazines such as Russh, Vegan Health and Fitness, WellBeing, and Australian Natural Health.

Board member and HappiSeek investor, Daniel, is a future-minded and passionate serial entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of Futuri, a company focused on audience engagement and sales intelligence solutions for media companies. Daniel has been involved in media and technology industries as a young entrepreneur and advisor to some of the world’s top media brands. His research and editorials have been published in The Wall Street Journal, Billboard and technology industry trades.
Daniel Anstandig
After graduating from Columbia College Chicago, Jennifer spent several years working in film festivals and arts education before focusing her career on social media and digital marketing. She uses her eye for design and knack for strategy to help entrepreneurs and brands hone their digital footprint while also building community. She has a passion for storytelling, travel, and helping creatives thrive in their work. Her website is Freckled Creative.
Jennifer Boylen

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You’ve probably heard the scientific research in the psychology and medical field that supports hypnotherapy as a powerful tool for lasting change. But did you know it is equally effective for awakening and exploring expanded states of consciousness?

Most people think of hypnosis as a tool for behavior modification, such as losing weight and allaying anxiety, but the practice of hypnosis is much more colorful and deep. Hypnosis dates back to ancient Greece where priests used trance-like hypnotic states in what were known as “healing temples” to bring about physical and spiritual healing for patients.

Shaman, too, have used hypnosis throughout various cultures to bring people to the spirit realm for divine inspiration. And in the last couple of centuries, hypnosis has been a favored tool for earnest Truth seekers and intellectual inner dimension travellers just like us. It only makes sense that enlightenment, peace, happiness, all that you seek is already within. We help you uncover it.