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What is the unconscious mind?

The model of the mind consists of three levels: conscious, subconscious, and superconscious. The term “unconscious” is a blanket term for the subconscious and superconscious dimensions. Understanding your mind is the key to understanding yourself, so here’s a quick guide

  • CONSCIOUS: This is the part of your mind that is analytical, logical, judgmental, discerning, chattering, rational, critical, deduces, and reasons.
  • SUBCONSCIOUS: This is your personal unconscious because it holds your deeper beliefs, memories, and feelings. Known as the picture mind and the feeling mind, it is the seat of your memories and emotions, and the part of your mind that visualizes. The subconscious never sleeps, it is always alert, taking in suggestions.
  • SUPERCONSCIOUS: This is the part of your mind that is in touch with God, Truth, your higher self, however you define that spiritual apex. It is the part of you at peace, healed, wholly loving and wholly loveable. It is joyful, wise, and forgiving. It is enlightened.

Enlightened people are run by their superconscious mind. The superconscious is like the sun that’s always shining. All that is required to experience that warm light is to release the clouds that stand in the way. HappiSeek helps you to release the cloudy perceptions stuck in your subconscious mind so that you can experience the reality of your superconscious mind.



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You’ve probably heard the scientific research in the psychology and medical field that supports hypnotherapy as a powerful tool for lasting change. But did you know it is equally effective for awakening and exploring expanded states of consciousness?

Most people think of hypnosis as a tool for behavior modification, such as losing weight and allaying anxiety, but the practice of hypnosis is much more colorful and deep. Hypnosis dates back to ancient Greece where priests used trance-like hypnotic states in what were known as “healing temples” to bring about physical and spiritual healing for patients.

Shaman, too, have used hypnosis throughout various cultures to bring people to the spirit realm for divine inspiration. And in the last couple of centuries, hypnosis has been a favored tool for earnest Truth seekers and intellectual inner dimension travellers just like us. It only makes sense that enlightenment, peace, happiness, all that you seek is already within. We help you uncover it.