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Downloading Enlightenment

Author: Daniel Anstandig

It’s all too trendy to talk about how technology is ruining us—how it’s monopolizing our time and controlling our lives, and how we’d all be better off if we just threw our phones into the ocean. But maybe there’s a less dramatic solution. Instead of fighting with our devices, what if we used technology for good? If we started to use them differently, could our phones actually make us happier and healthier?

It seems that everyone is getting into personal development apps. Just as there are apps to help you track your steps to better your physical health, there are also apps that track your personal development practices to improve your mental health. From meditation apps like Headspace and Calm to therapy apps such as Talk space and Mind shift, millions of users are taking back their screen time and bettering their lives in the process. Now that HappiSeek is introducing hypnotherapy in app form, you can even have a guided hypnosis experience with a qualified and experienced hypnotherapist on-demand, on your phone.
Since the 18th Century, hypnotherapy has been helping people to conquer the root causes of their issues, including anxiety, insomnia, addiction, and even spousal and family conflicts. Hypnosis has no religious affiliation, but does promote virtues such as trust, honesty, and open-mindedness, and helps people understand themselves better. Much like meditating and practicing mindfulness, perceiving your patterns of behavior through hypnotherapy leads to a greater degree of fulfillment. The HappiSeek app can help you on your personal path toward enlightenment in a new and unique way. No expensive trips to an ashram or psychoanalyst needed–although, we thoroughly encourage you to enjoy those experiences also!

There’s a catch-all term in self-development circles: “conscious consumption.” That is to say, be careful what you buy, because everything you purchase has an impact on the world. For us, conscious consumption also applies to what we consume digitally, through our phones, tablets, and TV screens. Perhaps conscious consumption is the key to using technology instead of letting technology use you. We are all more suggestible than we think. People who understand this can use it to their advantage–consciously choosing to invest time in media and experiences that make them feel better, more peaceful, and more loving.

Living in 2021, it seems that we don’t have a choice when it comes to being surrounded by tech—we have to look at our emails and respond to our texts to stay in touch at work and at play. But we do have a choice as to what we watch, what we consume, and which apps we choose to download. Technology does not have to live up to its bad reputation. When we pick up our phones, we get to decide what to do with them. It’s up to us to use our screen time for good.


True, sustained happiness. For free.

Your first step on a deeply relaxing journey of inner exploration, self-discovery, and spiritual growth is absolutely free. Start your free trial of HappiSeek, available on IOS.

You’ve probably heard the scientific research in the psychology and medical field that supports hypnotherapy as a powerful tool for lasting change. But did you know it is equally effective for awakening and exploring expanded states of consciousness?

Most people think of hypnosis as a tool for behavior modification, such as losing weight and allaying anxiety, but the practice of hypnosis is much more colorful and deep. Hypnosis dates back to ancient Greece where priests used trance-like hypnotic states in what were known as “healing temples” to bring about physical and spiritual healing for patients.

Shaman, too, have used hypnosis throughout various cultures to bring people to the spirit realm for divine inspiration. And in the last couple of centuries, hypnosis has been a favored tool for earnest Truth seekers and intellectual inner dimension travellers just like us. It only makes sense that enlightenment, peace, happiness, all that you seek is already within. We help you uncover it.